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Wednesday, November 28, 2018 - Permalink | 0 Comments

Hi all!  
How are you? Are you doing good?
 The most unforgettable memories when me and my other three girls are travelling to Singapore! After final exam had ended, we were planned to go there to celebrate ourself hehetongue-out We went to Universal Studio Singapore (USS).

As follow the plan, we were slept at Ain's house for 3 days and 2 nights because it will much easier since Ain's house was near with the bus stations. We went to Singapore by public transport which is bus. We choose bus because it will save more our money. Plus, we did not pro with Singapore's traffic. Our bus departed around 9:00 AM. Because of immigration takes time, the bus had lefted us. Then we have to buy another bus ticket. What a day!
We arrived at USS around 12:00 PM. Coincidentally that day is a Halloween day celebration. Thinking back, It was in November 2016. We had release our stress with ride the roller coaster, watching a 4-D Shrek teater, ride with The Transformer and many more! We scream like crazy people riding the blue and red roller coaster. We don't care huhuhu. My favourite's rides were the blue and red roller coaster, The Mummy's and Transformer. To make preparation, we bought some snacks instead buying snacks at USS cause you know the price is soooo ridiculous markup tho. But we had taken our lunch at one of the burger restaurant (I forgot the name) and their burger is so delicious and sooo big.
Around 8:30 PM, we back to Johor Bahru. We were having so much fun there and planned to go another trip together again. So yeah, that's my unforgettable memories include my favourite experience